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Top 10 Best Selling Ed Sheeran Songs

On September 29th 2023, Ed Sheeran released his newest album, 'Autumn Variations'. The first album in a decade not to have a mathematical name, Autumn Variations was intended to feel "like a warm hug", and was created purely for fans, and not for financial gain. The tracks on the album will not be released as singles, and there will be no official videos; although Ed has announced that he will be creating live versions of the album's tracks at fan's houses. 

Autumn Variations has mixed reviews from critics, but in the fan's eyes, Ed can do no wrong. As one of the biggest UK male artists ever, we have compiled a list of Ed's bestsellers.

These are Ed's best selling singles according to the Official UK Chart :

10. Lego House

9. Sing

8. I Don't Care

7. Galway Girl

6. Photograph

5. The A Team

4. Castle on the Hill 

3. Thinking Out Loud

A favourite first dance song for couples, 'Thinking Out Loud' spent 19 weeks in the charts before making its way to the Number 1 spot. 

2. Perfect

Another wedding favourite 'Perfect' has reached 400 million streams and is set to climb even higher, as it is still in the Top 100, 4 years after its release.

1. Shape of You

'Shape of You' is currently the most streamed song in UK chart history, and has been streamed a whopping 475 million times. The iconic track spent 14 non-consecutive weeks at Number 1, and its total combined sales stand at 5.09 million. 

Post Created : 30/09/2023
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Last Updated : 02/10/2023